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Why are my PRs showing the Pipeline owner?
Why are my PRs showing the Pipeline owner?

For example, recreating a PR should be done by the author of the original PR, and propagated by the author of the original PR.

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When using Gearset's pipelines, users have noticed that PRs will be created (or re-created) by Gearset. Generally this is done to make promotion branches, and when PRs are propagated throughout the pipeline.

When this happens Gearset will try to use the "correct" git user.

In this example, the pipeline owner is Quinn, and one of the admins (Anthony) has created the PR into an environment in the pipeline.

When it was re-created to include the promotion branch it stayed under the PR author.

This can also be viewed in the pipeline UI:

This feature is currently supported with connections to:

  • GitHub

  • GitHubEnterprise (GHE)

  • Bitbucket

  • Gitlab

  • Gitlab self-managed

  • Azure DevOps

We are constantly working on adding this feature to more Git providers.

Note: For users using GitHub Enterprise (GHE). The pipeline owner must have the connection to GHE. If they have a connection to one of a different base URL, then Gearset cannot parse the author of the PR.

But why is my PR showing the Pipeline Owner rather than the PR author?

In this example, a developer (Dario) has created a PR, however, when it has been re-opened, it has been done so under the pipeline owner (Quinn).

This will also be mirrored in the pipelines UI:

Troubleshooting steps:

For Gearset to create a PR under the correct user, that user must have:

  • Their Git account linked to Gearset on the same team as the pipeline.

    • This allows Gearset to create the PR as the original owner rather than the pipeline owner.

Note: If the Git account was linked before June 2023 and has not been re-authorized since then, the user may need to re-authorize their Git account by deleting the connection and re-adding it here.

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