Can I use CPQ data ‘templates’ that I can use to populate particular sets of product records?
The Gearset version of a CPQ data template is our existing metadata filter plus a new piece of functionality to be added within the next month (Dec. '22 or Jan. '23). The new functionality will let a user write and save a specific SOQL query. Stay tuned for more details on how that works in the near future.

How do I align existing CPQ configuration in my orgs?
Option 1: Our recommended approach is via full copy sandbox refresh to align existing config in conjunction with adding Gearset's external ID setup wizard.

Option 2: If a full copy sandbox refresh isn't possible, you can manually align your CPQ configuration in conjunction with the Gearset external ID setup wizard.

Can I roll back a CPQ deployment?
You can currently roll back changed items that have been deployed. Deployment rollback is also only available with a Teams or Enterprise license.

Do you also support Advanced Approvals and Billing?
Yes. You can include both when configuring your comparison filter.

How can I include Advanced Approvals configuration data in my comparison?
When you open the metadata filter, you will see Advanced Approvals as its own tab (just to the right of the CPQ tab). You can then include some or all of these approvals in the comparison. Please be aware that because Advanced Approvals are not part of standard CPQ, they are not included in our CPQ Standard Filter.

How do I include Advanced Approval metadata in my comparison?
The namespace for Advanced Approvals is sbaa. So include this namespace when choosing which managed packages to include (Please find our document on Comparing Managed Package metadata with Gearset here). You'd need to include the Advanced Approvals themselves, using the method in the question above.

You would also need to include any related Salesforce metadata upon which your Advanced Approval configuration also has a dependency. These would typically include, though not be limited to, Custom object, Global value set, Profiles, and Global picklist, via the metadata tab.

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