Case team roles

What are Case team roles, and how can you deploy them?

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Case team roles are data, as opposed to metadata. This means that you will need to deploy them using Gearset's data deployment tool.

What are Case team roles?

Case team roles are an essential part of setting up Case teams, which allow Salesforce users to collaborate on a case. This team might include users with various roles such as support agents or managers.

This is how a Case team role appears in the Salesforce org UI:

How can you deploy Case team roles between Salesforce environments?

You will need to use Gearset's data deployment tool to deploy them to your target Salesforce environment from the development environment where you created them.

After selecting your source and target orgs, you will be taken to the page where you configure the objects you want to retrieve records from. You can select CaseTeamRole and Case here.

You can filter for the specific roles that you want to deploy using the filtering options in the data deployment tool.

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