Data deployments with Gearset

Deploy data subsets between your orgs for more effective testing

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Gearset’s data loader lets you choose and deploy records from parent objects, checking for dependencies and preserving relationships within your data for the purposes of testing and debugging. 

Enabling data deployments in Gearset

By default, data deployment in Gearset is disabled and Gearset will not access any data in any of your orgs. To enable data deployments, you must manually enable it via the account page in the app.

Only a team owner can do this, as well as this, please ensure that the Team Owner has an active license assigned to their user. If you’re not a team owner you’ll need to ask them to enable this on your Gearset account.

Data security and encryption

Data is encrypted both at rest and in transit. In transit, we use the latest SSL standards (SSL Report). At rest, data is encrypted using AES 256. 

We don’t store your data on our servers, but it’ll pass through to allow us to run the deployment. For more information, see our trust page or get in touch.

Data deployment to production

When you enable the data loader, it will default to disallowing deployments to production orgs. The team owner can enable deployments to production via the button on the account page.

This will allow all team members to deploy data to any production credential orgs they have added to Gearset.

Before you enable this option please be aware that:

  • Enabling data deployments to production orgs could lead to the loss of critical business data.

  • There is no deployment roll back for data deployments, and Gearset will be unable to recover any of your data as we do not store it.

  • Users will be asked for confirmation before each deployment to a production org.

Differences between metadata and data deployments

It is important to note that there are a few differences between data and metadata deployments.

  • Data deployments have a separate deployment history to metadata deployments. You can view previous data deployments from the data deployment history page.

  • None of your data remains on Gearset's servers after a deployment, so changes made via a data deployment can't be rolled back.

  • Due to the lack of atomicity in Salesforce's data APIs, a failure during a data deployment may result in only partially deployed data in the target environment.

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