After a deployment to a git target, Gearset supports the ability to create a Pull Request (PR) in your git repository from within the Gearset application.

From the Deployment successful page you can create a PR without leaving Gearset.

By clicking the Create pull request... link you get the following options

Pull request name

This will become the title of your PR, so make sure to name it something meaningful for your team!

Select target branch

This is the branch to merge into.

Pull request description

If your git provider is GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Azure DevOps Git, GitLab, Bitbucket or Bitbucket Server you can enter a description for the PR.

Draft pull request

If your git provider is GitHub or GitHub Enterprise, you can create a draft PR instead of a standard PR - see GitHub's documentation for more details.

Skip CI validations 

When selected, this will prevent any 'validate pull request' child jobs (see blog for more info on this feature) from running for that particular PR.

You may want to skip them if the validations take a while to run. By selecting this setting, you don't have to wait for the validations to complete, which therefore may speed up the PR merge process.

Special tip: you can also create any PR with the words [NoValidation] (with the square brackets included) in the PR name and it will have the same impact, regardless of how you create it.

Include items deployed

When selected, this will list the items deployed in the PR in source control.

When selected, Gearset will create links to the Jira tickets in the PR comment.

Which git providers are supported?

  • GitHub

  • GitHub Enterprise

  • Bitbucket

  • Bitbucket Server

  • Azure DevOps Git

  • GitLab

  • GitLab (Self-managed)

  • AWS CodeCommit

Custom git connections are not supported.

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