Initial post: 7 April 2020, 17:00pm BST
Last updated: 10 April 2020, 1:00pm BST

On the 7th of April many users started reporting issues with authenticating against Sandbox orgs.  On the 8th of April, Salesforce acknowledged an issue with their OAuth service. As of 9th of April, Salesforce have reported the issue as resolved, and we are no longer able to replicate the issue anymore. If you are still seeing the issue, please let us know to help us monitor the situation.

What's the issue?

  • Salesforce experienced an issue with their OAuth service.

  • Starting on the morning of Tuesday 7th April 2020, HTTP requests to which originated from Europe started intermittently failing.

  • This caused login, comparison and deployment issues in Gearset when the app tries to connect to customer orgs (as our service is located in Europe).

  • It only affected sandbox orgs. Any logins via were unaffected.

  • This issue was not caused by or specific to Gearset, and affected customer logins and other tools which initiated requests from Europe.

  • Some customers were able to log in to affected orgs directly if they were not based in Europe.

What's the impact?

This issue affected your ability to run comparisons, run automated jobs, and re-authorise orgs against Sandbox orgs (that authenticate against If you logged into Gearset using a sandbox, you may have been unable to log in. Production and developer orgs do not seem to be affected.

When you attempted to log in, compare, deploy or connect to a sandbox org, you may have seen an error message in Gearset:

This problem also manifested in automated jobs, such as CI jobs and change monitoring, and when attempting to promote validated packages:

Some users were able to replicate the issue when accessing Workbench with the sandbox login (if you are based in Europe), which is using the same API to access the Salesforce authentication service. Other services based in Europe which connect to sandbox orgs were also affected.

Is there a workaround with Gearset?

The issue has now been resolved by Salesforce.

This was not a Gearset issue, and affected customer logins and any other tools which initiate requests from Europe.

What is Gearset doing?

We worked closely with Salesforce to determine the cause and find a resolution. 

Salesforce acknowledged this issue with their OAuth service in

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