Standard CI outgoing webhook payload

An example of a payload format for your CI jobs

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You can set an outgoing webhook as part of continuous integration jobs in Gearset. This is documented here.

The standard payload available for CI outgoing webhooks contains information about the CI job and run.

Example payload format

  "job": {
    "name": "dev to uat"
  "run": {
    "status": "Succeeded",
    "type": "Deployment",
    "start_date_utc": "2020-02-24T16:37:41.899337Z",
    "end_date_utc": "2020-02-24T16:39:06.689647Z",

We include the X-Gearset-Event header to specify which event the outgoing webhook was triggered by. For continuous integration job runs, this is set to ci_job_run .

Payload format

In the standard payload we provide the following:

  • Job name — string

  • Run status — string  that can be Error, Succeeded,  or Failed

  • Run type — string  that can be Deployment  or Validation

  • Run start date — string  in ISO 8601  format datetime UTC

  • Run end date —  string  in ISO 8601  format datetime UTC

If you have any questions about setting up your outgoing webhooks, please reach out to our team using the in-app chat.

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