Continuous integration within Gearset is a powerful tool, but what if you need to trigger third-party services as part of your release process? 

Outgoing webhooks allow you to automate this process, so you can kick off Selenium tests (for example) if your CI job runs successfully.

Any service with an API can be triggered directly from within Gearset.

Setting up a CI job with outgoing webhooks

To create a CI job with outgoing webhooks, start by following the usual setup process.  On the Outgoing webhooks tab you can add the URL you’d like Gearset to post to, and select which events you would like the webhook to trigger on.

One of the common choices for this webhook is a Slack integration, you can find details for creating a URL to use with incoming webhooks in Slack here.

If you are using a custom payload then you can choose whether you’d like to use Basic Authentication, then add the payload in either json or xml format. When the events chosen are triggered by the CI job we'll send a POST request with the payload you provide to the url. For custom payloads we don't add any information in about the job name or status, so you'll need to include any references you need in that payload. Multiple outgoing webhooks are supported, so you can trigger various services dependant on the event to create more customised flows.

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