Why does Gearset have two Connected Apps?

Explaining why you'll see "Gearset" and "Gearset Deploy" in the Connected Apps in your Salesforce org

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Once you've connected an org to Gearset, you'll see two connected apps appear in the org's UI: Gearset, and Gearset Deploy. This article explains why there are two apps and the differences between them.

The two connected apps

Gearset uses two different OAuth connections against Salesforce depending on what you're using it for. Each of these appears as a separate connected app.


When you create a Gearset account and choose to authenticate against a Salesforce account, Gearset asks for low level permission (just enough to verify this Salesforce account as a Gearset user). 

This connection results in the Gearset connected app.

Gearset Deploy

When you add a connection to an org in Gearset (so you can compare and deploy with it), Gearset asks for higher level permission (enough permission to make changes to this org on your behalf).

This connection results in the Gearset Deploy connected app.

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