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View previous data deployments run through Gearset

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Much like metadata deployments, Gearset stores a history of your data deployments in the app. This allows you to easily see the status and details of your previous deployments. 

Viewing data deployment history

You can view previous data deployments on the data deployment history page in the app.

Data deployments will have one of three statuses:

  • Successful: all planned deployment steps were completed. Note that a deployment can be successful even if no records were deployed. Deployments that were set to continue on error will also be marked as successful if all steps were completed, even if there were errors that stopped some records from being deployed.

  • Partially Deployed: some records were deployed, but not all planned deployment steps were completed (e.g. deployment was set to stop on error and some steps were cancelled).

  • Failed: no records were deployed and not all planned deployed steps were completed (e.g. the deployment failed at the retrieval step).

You can also see who ran the data deployment, the source and target orgs, and when it was run.  You can use the drop-down filter in the top right to show data deployment jobs for your chosen date range.

Viewing previous deployments

You can view more information about any previous data deployment by clicking the View details button. This will open the post-deployment summary page where you can see all the steps carried out, and any errors that were encountered.

If you click on the yellow zip button, you can download and view the ID of the successful and unsuccessful data records deployed.

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