Understanding data deployment errors

Identifying and resolving issues when using Gearset's data loader

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Just as with metadata deployments, you may sometimes run into deployment errors when moving records between orgs. This article gives a short guide on how to identify and resolve these errors.

Deployment status: continue on errors vs stop

When configuring a data deployment, you can specify what you'd like Gearset to do if it encounters any deployment errors. Which option you choose will impact how Gearset displays the overall deployment status.

Continue deploying remaining records

Gearset will attempt to deploy as many records as possible, regardless of errors. Any records that fail will be skipped.

With this option, you will see a deployment completed banner if Gearset is able to complete the planned deployment steps, regardless of how many records are deployed.

Stop deploying remaining records

As soon as Gearset hits a deployment error, the deployment will stop. Any remaining records will not be deployed.

With this option, you'll see a deployment failed banner if Gearset encounters any errors or was not able to deploy all of your records.

How are data deployment errors displayed?

If Gearset encounters any issues that stop it from moving records, you'll see a banner at the top of the deployment summary page. Any deployment steps that were affected by a deployment error will give a description of the error(s) and provide more information on how to resolve them, and will automatically expand to make them easy to discover. 

For example, in the screenshot below, there is an issue with duplicate values in the target org, which affected the upsert step on the Account object. Only 1 of the 15 records selected for deployment were successfully deployed. The error message from Salesforce relating to the remaining 14 records, and their record IDs, are displayed at the bottom of the step. There is a link to a Gearset support article that explains the issue in more detail. Some changes need to be made to the target's data to enable Gearset to deploy those records.

If you set Gearset to stop on deployment errors, only the first step that encounters an issue will display the deployment error(s). Subsequent steps that were not carried out will be marked as cancelled. 

If you needed to reach out to us with any data deployment errors, it is useful for us to have as much information about the issue as possible to help us look in it.

We have an article on What information is useful when debugging data deployment issues that goes into more detail.

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