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Does your GitHub connection give the error "Gearset can't find any repositories"?
Does your GitHub connection give the error "Gearset can't find any repositories"?

Revoke source control connections to find missing organization repositories or change GitHub account

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Some users have asked us why some GitHub repositories were missing in Gearset for selection in their source control connection. Often this turns out to be the case that during the initial setup Gearset was granted access to the personal repositories for the GitHub account, but not organization repositories. 

Revoking application access in GitHub and re-adding gives you another chance to give access to your organization repositories.

To do so in the GitHub web application, go to Settings > Applications > Authorized OAuth Apps > Gearset Deploy and click the Revoke button.

After revoking Gearset's access permission, you can click + Connect to GitHub in the Source control and services page to re-authorize the repository permissions of an account or connect to a different account. (You may need to click the bin icon first to see the + Connect to GitHub link).

This should prompt the organization GitHub account to grant the repository access you are requesting.

Organization Access

If you still encounter the error "Gearset can't find any repositories. Either create one or update your security settings in GitHub to grant access", it is possible that your GitHub organization requires permissions higher than your user has to access your repos.

To check this, go to Settings > Applications > Authorized OAuth Apps > click the button Gearset Deploy and check if you see the following message:

In this case, you need to contact the GitHub organization owner to approve (they would get a notification about this). For more information see GitHub’s documentation.

When your Gearset connects with your source control, make sure you Request access to the organization via the Request button.

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