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Resolving validation errors - "A Recipe must specify a Dataflow" on WaveRecipe metadata type
Resolving validation errors - "A Recipe must specify a Dataflow" on WaveRecipe metadata type

Cause and solutions to this Salesforce validation error

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Explanation of the error

You may come across this Salesforce validation error when deploying WaveRecipe metadata to your target org:
โ€‹A Recipe must specify a Dataflow
An example of such error below:

This error is very likely to be because you've not included in your deployment package a WaveDataflow component that is referenced within the WaveRecipe metadata.


This is a known issue to Salesforce, and they have documentation available with explanation of the error and steps to resolve it.

To make sure your validation doesn't fail, on below example we're seeing both WaveRecipe metadata component (highlighted in blue) that requires its corresponding WaveDataflow component (highlighted in red) for a successful deployment.

This means that both of these components need to be added to the deployment package.

This guidance is in line with Salesforce's explanation confirming that: "since every recipe has its own dataflow, including the dataflow alongside the recipe is needed to properly deploy recipes via change sets or packages.".

What to do if you're seeing this error when running your comparison in Compare 2.0?

In the unlikely event that this happens, however this specific issue was already addressed by Gearset and fix was released in our app on 16th May 2024.

If it happens that Gearset doesn't retrieve the WaveDataflow component for your WaveRecipe metadata when using our new version of the comparison (Compare 2.0), please try to run the comparison in Compare now (legacy) version to confirm if the behaviour is the same.

If the behaviour you observe is the Compare now (legacy) happens to be different, we'd like you to get in touch with our via the in-app chat and let us know about it.

Disclaimer: This error is returned directly by Salesforce, rather than Gearset. Even so, we offer guidance based on our combined experience with the Metadata API. Where possible, we try to help guide you to fix or avoid this error. In the case that this isn't possible, we may need to direct you to Salesforce support for further clarification.

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