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Data Archiving with Gearset

A quick intro into archiving your data with Gearset.

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Is your team running out of storage space for your data? Has it been forced into paying for additional storage solutions to keep that data? Is the performance of your orgs suffering due to the large data volumes kept in them? If you answered yes to any of these questions, our Data Archiving solution may be a great fit for your team.

What is Data Archiving?

Data Archiving is a solution that allows teams to select a subset of data from their Salesforce org to migrate to Gearset - once that migration has occurred, Gearset will then delete the records in Salesforce, in order to free up existing storage capacity in the Salesforce org.

The key feature with Data Archiving (versus a Data Backup) lies in the deletion of the data from the Salesforce org; this means that users are able to maintain comfortable storage capacities within their orgs, instead of having to invest in more storage from Salesforce or a third party.

How can Data Archiving help?

There are a few ways Data Archiving can assist your team; let's look at some of those benefits below:

  • Unlimited Storage Container: Instead of paying for more storage continuously over time, invest in one unlimited archiving solution to maintain comfortable storage capacities within your orgs.

  • One Stop Shop: Consolidate the amount of suppliers by allowing Gearset to handle archiving, in addition to the other tools and functionality it offers.

  • Stay Compliant: Maintain proper compliance and regulation standards by retaining data, and avoid deleting data to acquire more storage capacity.

  • Fast Implementation: With Gearset, there's nothing to download or install in your orgs; simply connect them to Gearset, and you're ready to start archiving.

  • Always Available: Since the archives aren't stored on Salesforce servers, if an outage does occur in Salesforce, you'll still have access to your data anytime.

  • Org Performance: As an unlimited storage solution, teams can easy determine how much data they'd like to keep in their orgs to achieve peak org performance in the areas of searching, reporting, running calculations, etc.

  • Stay in the Loop: Smart alerts help keep you in the loop with your data and the changes being made, so you'll always get a heads up when it might be best to restore.

  • Timeless Storage: Store your data for as long as you like, and choose when to delete individual records to keep things tidy or maintain compliance.

What about security?

Gearset utilizes the same AWS servers trusted by Salesforce to keep your data safe and secure. Since our servers are separate to Salesforce, users also get the benefit of maintaining access to their data in the event of a Salesforce outage.

Our Trust page highlights how Gearset maintains top security protocols, and the certifications we have as a result of that effort.


Archiving is offered as an Upgrade to Backup Enterprise licenses. Contrary to Deployment and Automation solutions, Archiving isn't quoted per Gearset user. Instead, it's quoted by the company's number of Salesforce users (as it corresponds approximately to the amount of data being archived).

Data archiving demo

Watch this demo to find out more about what Data Archiving might look like for you.

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