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Whether you're brand new to Gearset or you've already had some experience with the platform, we want you to see the most value from us - whether that's reducing deployment times, increasing reliability, using automation to remove manual tasks or simply working fewer evenings or weekends resolving last minute errors.

Gearset has multiple resources to help you out, from our support documents to being able to ask our in-app chat questions.

There is one resource, however, that has been created to specifically help guide your learning of Gearset. This is our onboarding material, structured courses covering individual tools within the Gearset platform to enable you to either hit the ground running with your Gearset usage or learn those tips to supercharge your Gearset experience.

The links below will take you through to our learning platform, DevOps Launchpad and whilst you'll get the most value from them going through them in order, you can jump in at any point and start learning:

This introductory course will guide you through your first moments with Gearset. Giving you some context on where Gearset fits into your processes as well as getting your team together, assigning licenses and getting ready to use Gearset.

This course gives a detailed run through of our core workflow, the metadata compare and deploy. Discover how best to use the metadata filter, what our problem analysers do and how to compare and deploy specific metadata types.

As part of our Gearset Accelerator series, we have a recorded webinar of our Compare and Deploy workflow which you can watch using the button below.

Level up your Gearset use with automation! Get the most from your Change Monitoring or Unit Testing jobs to monitor the state of your Orgs or replace those manual tasks using our CI jobs.

We have recordings from our Gearset Accelerator webinar series, the first covering the creation and use of our Change Monitoring and Unit Testing jobs and the second looking at Continuous Integration (CI) jobs and version control.

Two courses that work together. With Git branching and strategies, discover the most popular branching strategies we help teams implements and their various pros and cons to find that works best for you.

Implementing your strategy will then guide you through setting up this branching strategy inside of Gearset.

Discover the full end to end workflow within Gearset. This Pipelines course will run you through both setting up a Pipeline in Gearset as well as exploring what is happening when you're promoting features from environment to environment.

We do more than just move metadata! Discover how to use our sandbox seeding tool to configure a set of data to seed environments and how to build out a template to make the process repeatable. Make sure you're also compliant by mastering our data masking feature.

Use Gearset to untangle those complicated data models! Gearset for CPQ will have you moving CPQ configurations alongside metadata in no time. This course will detail the setup steps required to start using this powerful tool.

A good backup is worth its weight in gold! This course will go through the setup of these jobs so you can start backing up your data and metadata right away. We also cover the various restore workflows so you're fully empowered in the event of the worst case.

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