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Resolving Validation Errors - "Invalid Cross Reference ID"
Resolving Validation Errors - "Invalid Cross Reference ID"

Validation error "Invalid Cross Reference ID" was surfaced during a deployment

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Explanation of the error:

This Salesforce error that Gearset is surfacing is usually encountered when deploying custom applications.

This is because of a dependency to a profile that is missing from your deployment and therefore the custom application cannot be deployed.


To resolve this issue try including profiles in your metadata filter. Then selecting the dependent profile.

Further examples of this Salesforce validation error can be found here:

Disclaimer: This error is returned by Salesforce directly, rather than Gearset. Even so, we offer guidance based on our combined experience with the Metadata API. Where possible, we try to help guide you to fix or avoid this error. In the case that this isn't possible, we may need to direct you to Salesforce support for further clarification.

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