Administrators and developers often need to customise the Search Layout for both standard and custom objects within their Salesforce orgs. 

Customising a Search Layout allows you to select the standard and custom fields that are displayed when records from that object appear in various places around Salesforce such as when returned in a search, displayed in a lookup dialog or on the recently viewed records list displayed on the tab home page.

To customise a Search Layout, locate the object in the Setup menu within Salesforce and select the Search Layouts menu item:

Now make your customisation. In my example, I've edited the Accounts Tab Search Layout to have an additional field, the Billing Country.

Now when I compare my org in Gearset either to another org or to source control, Gearset will highlight that the Account object has changed.

Deploying the Account object will deploy the Search Layout change. 

Note: it is normal to find the custom object present twice in the comparison results when looking in the All items tab - once as Different, including this change, and once as No different.

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