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Creating a Gearset API access token
Creating a Gearset API access token

How to integrate Gearset automation with external tools

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The Gearset API is a REST API that accepts JSON messages over HTTPS. It contains within it a wide range of functionality which allows users to integrate Gearset into external applications.

Access Tokens

The first thing you'll need to do to use the API is obtain an access token. Your access token is used for authentication, and it tells the API that you're authorized to make requests. To create an access token, go to the My account section, under Access Control, then find Access token management on the left-hand side. There you'll see a page on which you can create an access token.

Enter a recognizable name that will help you identify the token in the future. You can also change the expires in value at this point. Click Create new token, and you’ll be presented with a dialog like the one below, showing the name, what it's used for and the generated secret. Take a copy of your token secret and store it somewhere secure. The secret will only be displayed to you once.

Now you have a token, you can start using the Gearset API:

For further technical details on the Gearset API see:

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