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Restoring deleted records without dependencies.
Restoring deleted records without dependencies.

Use Gearset's data backup jobs to easily restore a single lost or corrupted record to your Salesforce orgs

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Gearset's data backup jobs provide comprehensive data restore capability. In the event that any data is lost, corrupted, or otherwise changed in an org, you can easily use a snapshot from your backup job to restore that data to its previous state.

One use case for this tool could be a script that has been run that has deleted 50 opportunities, but the accounts and other related objects have been left untouched. This would be the best option for restoration.

Restoring a single record

You can restore single records from the job history details page.

  • Click Job history  on the data backup job you want to restore from.

  • In the job history, click View changes for the data backup run that you'd like to restore a record from.

  • From the object overview page, select the object and click View records you'd like to restore records for.

  • You can switch between viewing deleted records, changed records, and new records from the data browser. Select a record to see the details.

  • Select a record to restore by checking the box next to its ID. Once you've selected a record (or several), the Restore from previous backup button will become enabled.

  • Here you have multiple restore options. This article focuses on Restore records without dependencies.

  • Once selected, a restoration plan for the those records will be generated.

  • Once the plan has been generated, you'll get a chance to review the changes before they are deployed.

  • Click Restore to run the restoration process. Once it has completed, you'll see the status.

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