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Why are some results hidden from my permission report, and how do I remove the warning?

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If you're viewing the permissions report for a monitoring job, you may see a message like the one below:

Some results may be hidden from this permissions report. To see a complete report for future monitoring job runs, change the job's metadata filter to include all items for custom objects, permission sets and profiles metadata type.


Why am I seeing this message?

This message appears when Gearset detects that your org monitoring job has filtered out an item that's preventing the permissions report from being complete. For Gearset to generate a permissions report, the following metadata types must be available:

  • Custom objects

  • Permission sets

  • Profiles

You will see this warning if you've assigned a filter that removes any of the three. You might wonder why Gearset is concerned with these three types in particular. The short answer is that the report may not make sense without these types, so all three are required to get the complete picture of who sees what.

How do I resolve the warning?

You can resolve the warning and view a complete permissions report by changing the metadata filter to include All items for Custom object, Permission set, and Profile metadata types. You can do so by following the below steps.

Step 1: Navigate to the monitoring dashboard and select Edit job settings...:

Step 2: Click on the Metadata filter:

Step 3a: Find Custom object and ensure All items is selected:

Step 3b: Find Permission set and ensure All items is selected:

Step 3c: Find Profile and ensure All items is selected:

Step 4: Save the updated filter.

Gearset will now be able to generate a complete permissions report on the next run.

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