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Guide to Bright Market, LLC (dba FastSpring)

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What is FastSpring? 

Bright Market, LLC (dba FastSpring) is a leading e-commerce payments provider, based in the US.

Why do we use FastSpring? 

Gearset is a UK company, so we use FastSpring to act as our global reseller. They take care of incorporating tax in each tax jurisdiction, preparing local documents, and making your payment a smooth and secure experience regardless of where in the world you're purchasing from. 

Note: Payment by wire transfer is only available for annual subscriptions. If you’d like to opt for a monthly subscription you can pay by credit card.


If, for any reason you aren’t able to complete vendor onboarding for FastSpring we also work with a number of resellers such as Insight, SHI, Software One along with many others.

These companies already work with FastSpring and so can help with procurement. Ask your reseller to get in touch, and we will work with them to complete your order.

VAT and Sales Tax

FastSpring ensures that tax is calculated correctly in each tax jurisdiction. Please check their official page for more information on VAT and Sales tax information. A copy of their latest W-9 can be found here.

Need further help? 

You can reach out to [email protected] and we'll be happy to answer any further questions you have. 

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