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How to resolve the "QuickText is not a valid Tab" error when deploying Profiles
How to resolve the "QuickText is not a valid Tab" error when deploying Profiles

Error message "You can't edit tab settings for QuickText, as it's not a valid tab"

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When you compare and deploy a ProfileTabVisibility.standard-QuickText item, you may run into a Salesforce deployment error:

You can't edit tab settings for QuickText, as it's not a valid tab.

This article explains the root cause of this deployment issue and how to resolve it.

Triggering the error

You may trigger this error if you select the Admin.ProfileTabVisibility.standard-QuickText item in a comparison (and/or the equivalent for other profiles) and try to validate or deploy it.

A Gearset problem analyzer may be triggered, suggesting that it is removed from deployment.

If you do not tick the box to accept the suggested fix, and proceed with a validation/deployment, you will see an error message for the Profile metadata type, like this:

Root cause

This can happen if:

  • The Quick Text custom object doesn't exist in your target org; or

  • The Profile > Tab Settings used to access the org has permission to access the Quick Text tab; or

  • The Quick Text tab, in Classic mode, doesn't exist in your target org, and

  • The Quick Text tab, in Lightning mode, doesn't exist in your target org

Resolution option 1: Enable Quick Text in target org

You should check both the Classic and Lightning settings below.

If you start out in Lightning mode, you should switch to Salesforce Classic and activate tabs in Classic mode as well.

Salesforce Classic

You should be able to resolve the error by enabling the Quick Text Settings in your target org.


You can also enable the Quick Text Settings in Lightning in your target org; however, this only affects the Lightning Experience text, so it may not fully resolve the issue.

Please note that Classic and Lightning Quick Text settings do behave slightly differently with the Salesforce Metadata API:
If you run a comparison and the Classic Quick Text settings are different between the source and the target, the -QuickText item will appear in your comparison, so you can deploy this change via Gearset.
The Lightning Quick Text settings are not retrievable or deployable via the API, you would need to manually go into your Target Org and change the settings for Lightning Quick Text.

Resolution option 2: exclude this item from your validation/deployment

If you tick the Gearset problem analyzer suggested fix to remove the item from your deployment package, the error won't be triggered when you proceed.

Resolution option 3: Set tab permission to Default On

In the profile of the Gearset connection user, try setting the tab permission to Default On. Some users have had success after doing this.

If you're still stuck after trying these steps out, please get in touch with us in the in-app chat, and we'll do our best to resolve the issue with you.

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