How does Gearset's OAuth connection to orgs work?
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We use the industry-standard OAuth login process to connect to your Salesforce orgs.

Through this process, we store the OAuth token to allow the app to connect to your org for comparisons and deployments without having to re-enter your password each time.

Actions you perform through Gearset using your OAuth token will appear as if performed by your user in Salesforce.

Can I view Gearset's activity in my org?

You can view the overall activity of your OAuth token via the Connected Apps OAuth Usage page in your Salesforce org. 

If you click on the Gearset Deploy app (via the User Count hyperlink), you'll be able to see the total connections via that token. You can also revoke the token from here if you want to stop Gearset being able to connect to your org.

If you want to see a history of validations and deployments carried out by Gearset, you can view the Deployment Status page in your Salesforce org. 

For more detailed information about how web apps like Gearset integrate with the Salesforce API, please see this article from Salesforce: OAuth 2.0 Web Server Flow for Web App Integration

Note that this list shows all deployments carried out over the API, so it can also include any deployments run via Ant or other tools. For a more complete history, view your deployment history in Gearset.

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