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How do I cancel a validation or deployment that has started?
How do I cancel a validation or deployment that has started?

Sometimes you need to cancel a validation or deployment in Gearset after kicking things off, how do you do that?

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When a validation or deployment is started in Gearset, the package Gearset has built is uploaded using the Salesforce metadata API and queued for deployment. 

How to cancel a validation from:

From Compare and deploy:

  1. Check the deployment status from the deployment screen

  2. Select cancel in the org

  3. Wait for the cancellation request to be processed and complete


To cancel a validation from within a pipeline.

  1. Select the environment that has the validation running

  2. Click Cancel validation

Note: Once we send a cancellation request to Salesforce, it has been seen that sometimes the request is not completed and the validation completes, from testing this usually occurs when the validation is almost complete

Manually cancelling a deployment within an org.

To request cancellation within the org, you need to:

  1. Log into the target Salesforce org.

  2. Filter the Setup menu to find Deployment Status.

3.  You'll see any deployments or validations that are in progress, and you can request cancellation.

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