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Integrating Gearset with CruiseControl

See your Salesforce org test results on your desktop

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CruiseControl is both a continuous integration tool and an extendable framework for creating custom continuous build processes. 

Gearset's integration with CruiseControl allows you to see the results of your automated test jobs in the menu bar of your computer. It's a fast and easy way to check the health of your orgs at a glance and quickly get notified if your tests start failing.

Installing a CruiseControl client

The first step is to install a CruiseControl client on your computer. These small applications manage the connection between Gearset and your computer, and allow you to customize your notification preferences.

The downloads and documentation can be found here.

For Mac, we suggest CCMenu, which is a free app for OSX. It's available from the Mac App store here.

Integrating Gearset with CCMenu

  1. In Gearset, click on the Gearset icon in the top right, and then My Account:

  2. Then click on Notifications on the left.

3. In the Test monitoring Cruise Control feed section, click CREATE FEED URL. This will generate a URL that you'll use when setting up your feed.

4. Copy the generated URL — we'll use it in a minute.

5. Open CCMenu, and navigate to the Projects tab:

6. Click the + icon.

7. In the Feed URL box, paste in the URL you copied from Gearset.

8. Select Use URL as entered above.

9. Leave the other settings in their default (empty) state.

10. Click Continue.

CCMenu will list all your unit testing jobs.

11. Select a job to add, or command-click to select multiple jobs.

12. Click Add.

  • The selected job(s) will now be listed in the Projects menu.

  • The status of the job(s) selected will also be displayed in your menu bar.

  • You've now got notifications of your Gearset test jobs right on your desktop.

Test job status

The status of your test jobs is represented by a traffic light system:

  • Green = all tests have passed, and code coverage is above the job threshold.

  • Yellow = code coverage has dropped below the threshold, but tests are passing.

  • Red = one or more tests are failing.

Integrating with other tools

Gearset uses the standard "cctray" XML format for its automation jobs. You'll be able to integrate Gearset with any tool that supports this format.

NB: Whilst we endeavor to make sure the links in this document are up-to-date, we can't be responsible for the content of external sites, and you should check before installing any software on your computer!

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