Gearset has special handling for a few types of Salesforce metadata, which can cause some confusion for new users. 


Translations, along with a few other types of metadata, can quickly grow in number and cause lots of noise in the difference results. For this reason, Gearset hides translations unless the translations feature is switched on in both orgs. 

If you can't find a translation you know you've added then it's possible that the relevant language isn't switched on and active in the other org.

Managed Package Metadata

Installing a package causes all of the metadata that is contained within the package to be installed into your Salesforce org. This can create noise in the results view, since it isn't metadata that's meant to be deployed by the end user. For this reason, Gearset hides all metadata contained in a managed package unless the managed package is:

  • installed in both orgs
  • at the same version in both orgs 

If you can't find a customization you've made to a piece of metadata in a managed package then you should first filter the results for Installed Package  and check if the package is installed in both orgs and at the same version. You can read more on the Gearset blog about the design of this feature:

Named credential permissions

Unfortunately, these particular settings on profiles can't be migrated using the Salesforce Metadata API, which is how we talk to Salesforce. This means that you won't be able to see these particular permissions in the results grid in Gearset, and won't be able to migrate these permissions to another org. You can find more information on what parts of profiles can be migrated using the Metadata API here in the official docs.

While you can't move those particular profile settings, you can easily move NamedCredentials using Gearset, which helps to get you most of the way there!

Still haven't found what you're looking for?

If you still can't find a piece of metadata that you know exists, just pop open the chat widget in the corner of your screen and we'll be happy to help you locate it. 

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