The standard payload available for CI outgoing webhooks contains information about the CI job and run.

Example payload format

  "job": {
    "name": "dev to uat"
  "run": {
    "status": "Succeeded",
    "type": "Deployment",
    "start_date_utc": "2020-02-24T16:37:41.899337Z",
    "end_date_utc": "2020-02-24T16:39:06.689647Z",

We include the X-Gearset-Event header to specify which event the outgoing webhook was triggered by. For continuous integration job runs this is set to ci_job_run .

Payload format

In the standard payload we provide the:

  • Job name - string 

  • Run status - string  that can be Error, Succeeded  or Failed 

  • Run type - string  that can be Deployment  or Validation 

  • Run start date - string  in ISO 8601  format datetime UTC 

  • Run end date -  string  in ISO 8601  format datetime UTC 

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