Gearset supports a range of third party software integrations to power up your Salesforce release management.

Salesforce orgs

Gearset supports any Salesforce org which uses the metadata API, including:

  • Production
  • Full copy sandbox
  • Partial copy sandbox
  • Developer pro
  • Developer edition
  • Professional edition
  • Partner edition
  • Dev Hub
  • Scratch org

Version control systems

Gearset has native support for all the major version control systems:

  • GitHub & GitHub Enterprise
  • Bitbucket & Bitbucket server
  • GitLab
  • Azure DevOps
  • AWS Code Commit

You can also connect any git-based version control system to Gearset (though it may have more limited functionality).

Project / issue tracking systems

Link your issue tracking or project management software to Gearset to keep the whole team up to speed on the latest changes:

  • Jira
  • Asana
  • Azure DevOps

Want us to add another integration?

Let us know! Chat to our team or post a suggestion in our feedback forum to help us continually improve the app.

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