This problem analyzer helps resolve issues while trying to deploy Recommendation or EntityMilestone objects that have ActionOverrides

What triggers this problem analyzer?

If your deployment package contains an item that has new or deleted action overrides, you'll see a message in Gearset stating "Some items in the deployment represent new or deleted action overrides. These are created by Salesforce, and they must be present on both the source and target org".

What problem is it solving?

It is not possible to deploy an existing item that has new or deleted action overrides. This will cause deployment to fail with a Salesforce error "invalid cross reference ID". 

A common scenario is that a customer attempts to update an item that was originally deployed using an older version of the API to a newer version. This is due to a number of Salesforce updates modifying the number of action overrides, most predominantly in v38 and v45.

How does it work?

Gearset will automatically compare each item in the deployment package against the target item. It will then identify any action override that may have been created or deleted, and will fix the item by either restoring (in the case of removed action overrides) or removing (in the case of new action overrides).

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