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Contacting Gearset for help with account and billing management
Contacting Gearset for help with account and billing management

How to contact us and what we can do to help

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Almost all aspects of your Gearset account can be managed self-service by a team owner through the account page of the app. This is by far the quickest and easiest way to manage account settings. 

Team owners can manage:

  • Adding and removing team members.

  • Setting team members' roles.

  • Assigning licenses to team members.

  • Viewing past invoices or billing information for any subscriptions assigned to the team.

  • Updating or cancelling any subscriptions assigned to the team.

If you're not a team owner, you should contact one of your team owners and request they make the change for you. Teams can have multiple owners to make account management easier.

Please note that we will not be able to make any changes without written approval of a team owner.

Contacting us for account management

If you require assistance with managing your account, you can contact one of our team. We'll first need to go through some security checks to verify your identity. Once that has been completed, we'll do our best to help.

We'll need to go through our security checks before we can make any changes to your account that affect security or billing:

  • A change to the membership of a team (adding or removing users).

  • A change to users' roles in a team (changing team owners).

  • License management (assigning or removing subscriptions to/from a user or team).

  • Updating or requesting billing information (changing billing contact or payment method, or viewing previous invoices).

  • Modifying your subscription (upgrading or cancelling a subscription, or adding or removing licenses).

Security checks can sometimes feel a little onerous, but they're designed to protect your account from unauthorized access. If you are unable to provide the correct verification, we won't be able to help.

Step 1: user verification

The first step is to verify your identity. The easiest way to do this is to contact us through the in-app chat in Gearset. This allows us to verify your account quickly and easily.

If you're unable to contact us via the in-app chat, you'll need to get in touch by email. The email address you contact us from must match your login to Gearset.

Step 2: confirm any changes

Once we've verified your identity, we can assist with any changes.

If you're a team owner, we'll help you to make the change from the account management page in the app. If you're having issues, we may be able to make a change manually. 

If you're not a team owner, you'll need to get written confirmation from your owner before we can make any changes. This can either be by email, or through our in-app chat. This confirmation will mean that changes can be made.

If you're unable to reach your team owner(s)

There may be cases where you're unable to contact your team owner(s) for confirmation. This could be a temporary issue (e.g. they're on holiday), or a permanent one (e.g. they're no longer working for your company). To help reduce the chances of this affecting your access to Gearset, you can set multiple owners within a team.

To make any changes for you, we require approval from a team owner:

  • If they're temporarily unavailable, you may have to wait until they return to make the change. If you can, ask them to send a short email to [email protected] or an in-app chat message to confirm your authority to make changes.

  • If they're permanently unavailable, you'll need to contact your IT team to gain access to their email account. Once you or your IT team have access, contact us from their email account at [email protected] to confirm the changes.

If you don't know who your team owner is

You can see your team owners, and other team members, from the account page in the app:

If you're not in the right team, or don't have an account, you should contact your team using your internal company network to find out who the team owner is. We are unable to give out customer information to anyone outside their own team.

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