This analyzer removes standard objects and fields which reference features that aren't enabled in the target environment.

What triggers this problem analyzer?

Selecting standard objects or fields that exist in the source but not in the target, with the difference type of "New", will trigger this analyser.

You'll see a message in Gearset suggesting you "Remove standard objects and fields".

What problem is it solving?

When certain features are enabled in an org, they also create new standard objects and fields. These items can't be deployed into a target environment which doesn't already have these features enabled.

If you try to deploy a new standard object into an org which doesn't have the features enabled, your validation will fail with the following error message: "Error: Cannot delete record type through API".

There are two ways to resolve this issue:

  • Remove the standard objects and fields from your deployment package (by accepting Gearset's suggestion); or
  • Enable the features in your target environment via the Salesforce UI, and re-run the deployment

How does it work?

Gearset will automatically remove any new standard objects and fields from your deployment package.

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