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Gearset compare 2.0 (Pilot)
Gearset compare 2.0 (Pilot): Using source tracking as a custom filter
Gearset compare 2.0 (Pilot): Using source tracking as a custom filter
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What is source tracking?

Source tracking is a Salesforce feature designed to automatically track changes in scratch orgs, Developer and Developer Pro sandboxes. Accessing information about how the sandbox org has changed via source tracking is significantly faster than relying on the standard Salesforce metadata API.

How to enable source tracking for Developer and Developer Pro sandboxes

To enable source tracking, you first need to enable it in your production org. If it's already enabled you can begin taking advantage of the performance benefits of source tracking in Gearset (see below).

For the steps required to enable source tracking in your production org or check if it's already enabled, see the latest Salesforce documentation.

Note: after source tracking has been enabled in your production org, any existing developer or developer pro sandboxes will need to be refreshed in order to take advantage of source tracking.

Gearset comparison filters and source tracking

Gearset uses the native source tracking functionality in your Salesforce org to automatically build a comparison filter showing you how your org has changed. It removes the need to spend time customising a comparison filter by hand, and instead enables Gearset to immediately create it for you based on source tracking information from the org.

How do I use source tracking in Gearset?

Using source tracking in Gearset is a very simple process. Simply:

  • Switch to comparison filter in the comparison results

  • Choose the Source tracking option from the list of available filters

  • Gearset will build and apply a custom filter for you

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