Precision Conflict Resolution
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When using Pipelines and conflicts are detected our standard merge conflict resolution gives you the ability to resolve a conflict by choosing the version of a conflicted file from either the feature branch or the environment branch. The file is selected in its entirety.

Sometimes, due the complex nature of content changes, the resultant merge may require a combination of changes from the feature and environment branches. With Precision Conflict Resolution you have the ability to choose from either side on a per conflict basis - so the resultant file have resolution can be a mix of both feature and environment branches.

**This is currently only supported for a subset of non-XML types including Apex files. File types currently supported in this mode: md, json, js, css, cls, trigger, txt

Non-XML file types

For a subset of non-XML types (e.g. Apex classes) Gearset provides a single pane view that will show the merged file with conflicts highlighted. You can select to use either the feature changes of the environment changes or both.

The "Next" and "Prev" buttons can be used to navigate between the conflicts in the file. Once all conflicts have been selected, you can finalise the selection by clicking on "Mark as resolved". Resolved files can be reviewed by selecting on the left hand pane and viewing the resultant files. If you need to modify the conflict selection you can click "Edit".

Once all files have been resolved the complete resolution can be committed using the "Commit merge" button.

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