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Updating a Jira ticket's status in Pipelines
Updating a Jira ticket's status in Pipelines
How to configure your Pipeline in Gearset to update the status of a Jira ticket.
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It's possible for Gearset to automatically update the Jira status of a ticket, at each stage of a Pipeline. This article is to describe how to configure that.

How does it work?

Each PR can be associated with a Jira ticket, as mentioned here. However, this additional functionality allows Gearset to update that ticket's status as it moves through each stage of the Pipeline. For example, a ticket status may need to be updated from "To do" to "In progress", once it's reached the Integration stage of the Pipeline.

This supports both standard and custom workflow stages, so can also be configured to update stages that you've added.

How to configure it?

1) When looking at your Pipeline, access the settings by clicking the cog in the top right and then selecting "Edit pipeline details":

2) In the pop-up window, select the "Jira" tab to access the relevant settings:

3) From this page, select your Pipeline Environment, the stage you'd like the status updated at and the status you'd like it updated with.

The result?

This ticket has currently got the "To do" status assigned to it. Within my Pipeline, I've associated a PR to this ticket but not yet promoted it:

Once promoted, my Pipeline automatically updates the status of that ticket to "In progress":

No longer need to do this manually as a post-promotion step.

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