Can you deploy data between fields of a different type?

If a field has the same API name, but a different type, it is still possible to deploy data between them.

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Gearsets' data deployment tool works by understanding the structure of your Salesforce organizations and calculating the relationships between the fields and objects which make up the organization and contain your data.

For example, if we have a field named Account.Name in the source and Account.Name in the target then the value will be transferred between those two fields.

However, what if we have a field of the same name, that has a different type? For example, a Formula field in the source and a Text field in the target. It's common to want to transfer the value of a legacy formula field into a new field in order to preserve the value.

This is indeed possible with Gearset, and the following steps will illustrate this:

In this example, I have created a field of the same name in both the source and target orgs, in the source org the field contains a calculated value. In the target, it is a simple text field.

In the source, I created a record where the calculated value of the field equaled 3.

To deploy that over to the target I filtered for that specific record and then chose to deploy it.

After successfully deploying the Account record, I checked the ID and then looked for the equivalent record in the target org using the Success.csv file produced by Gearset.

As you can see, the value of the field was successfully deployed to the target - despite the field type being different.

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