What is Vlocity?

A brief introduction to Vlocity and Salesforce Industries

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Vlocity offers industry-specific solutions as a managed package that companies can install into Salesforce. Companies choose Salesforce as their CRM because it's easy to customize for particular business requirements, but most companies in any given sector will have broadly similar requirements. Vlocity is a solution for these typical requirements, making it easy for Salesforce teams to adjust the fine details rather than starting from scratch.

Vlocity offers solutions for several industries:

  • Communications

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Energy & Utilities

  • Insurance

  • Health

Vlocity includes OmniStudio, where you can create branded experiences with guided interactions, through a drag & drop interface rather than code.

Vlocity was acquired by Salesforce in February 2020 and rebranded as Salesforce Industries.

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