Knowledge articles are formed of metadata and data components, and Gearset can help you deploy parts of them to your target orgs. As with any data records in Salesforce, make sure you deploy the metadata to the target before migrating the data records.

Gearset is still working on being able to migrate some parts of the Knowledge object. For example, if this was the source:

Gearset will be able to migrate this to your target:


Knowledge articles are considered to be the Custom object metadata type. You can select Knowledge__kav and deploy them to the target just like any other metadata. 

Knowledge articles appear in the comparison results as Custom objects, as shown in the screenshot below.


To deploy Knowledge data records with Gearset, you can follow the data deployment workflow. (Learn more about our data loader here.) 

In the Salesforce screenshot below, we are migrating 4 knowledge articles to a target where none exist.

Using the Gearset data loader you can migrate the Knowledge articles over to the target org. In this example, you would select the knowledge__kav object. (If you are interested in migrating other the article types, look for the corresponding __kav object.)

Follow through the rest of the data deployment to move the articles across to your target org.

Once the articles are deployed, they will appear as DRAFT in the target org, ready for you to publish in your target org.


To deploy Knowledge article data:

  • The data loader (data deployment) feature in Gearset needs to have been purchased and enabled by your team owner.

  • The Knowledge object metadata type needs to exist on both the source and target.

  • The user running the deployment needs to have permission to access the Knowledge objects.

  • The attributes of the Knowledge object need to allow Gearset to read and write to them - the values of queryable and updateable must be true.

If you are still having trouble deploying Knowledge articles, please get in touch.

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