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What metadata types does Gearset support?
What metadata types does Gearset support?

Gearset can support anything in the Salesforce Metadata API

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The Salesforce Metadata API

The Salesforce Metadata API is used to retrieve, deploy, create, update, or delete customization information, such as custom object definitions and page layouts, for Salesforce organizations.

Gearset supports anything in the Metadata API

Gearset operates on top of the Metadata API, so anything that is supported by the API can be retrieved and deployed with Gearset.

Supported metadata

The API supports the vast majority of Salesforce metadata, including:

  • Apex classes

  • Communities

  • Custom objects

  • Dashboards

  • Documents

  • Email templates

  • Flows

  • Layouts

  • Permission sets

  • Picklists

  • Profiles

  • Reports

  • Settings

  • Translations

  • Value sets

  • Workflows

There is a full list of the supported metadata here.

Unsupported metadata

While the majority of Salesforce metadata can be deployed using the API, there are a small number of metadata types which are not supported. Any changes to these metadata types must be recreated by hand in each org - they cannot be automatically deployed.ย 

While this may seem like a significant limitation, the good news is that the metadata types which are not supported by the API are rarely used and this is not a concern for the vast majority of users.

The full list is of unsupported metadata types is available here.

Additionally, here are items we are aware of that is not documented in that list:

  • Translations of navigation menu item names

  • Named credential permissions

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