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Deploying Documents with Gearset
Deploying Documents with Gearset
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Note: This article relates to the deployment of the Documents.

Guides to deploying other binary data types are in the following places:

Documents represents a file that a user has uploaded. Unlike Attachment records, documents are not attached to a parent object. Prior to the addition of Salesforce CRM Content and Salesforce File, you could store files in Salesforce on the Documents tab. Although not as robust as Content, the Documents tab is still available on Salesforce Classic.

Documents aren’t available in Lightning Experience. To use Documents in Lightning Experience, export them in your weekly export or using Data Loader. Then upload them into Lightning Experience as Salesforce Files.

Deployment of Documents is supported through both the data deployment route or through metadata compare and deploy.

Metadata deployment

Select the relevant metadata type in your comparison filters:

Select the Document and the related Document Folder (if not already present in the target):

Data deployment configuration

Similarly to Attachment files (see article), if we select only Document at the top level:

The deployment is going to fail with the error "Required fields are missing: [FolderId]", due to the polymorphic relationship field not being included in the deployment:

In order to deploy Document we need to select at the top level (first step of the configuration) also the parent object Folder:

You can use either metadata deployments or data deployments, whichever best suits your use case.

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