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Gearset for CPQ: Compare and deploy your CPQ configuration
A quick overview of getting started with Gearset for CPQ
A quick overview of getting started with Gearset for CPQ

An introduction to deploying your CPQ configuration using Gearset

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We've made deploying CPQ configuration a much simpler task by now treating it in the same way we treat Salesforce metadata.

Before comparing and deploying your CPQ configuration, your Salesforce source and target orgs must have the Gearset external ID field. We've created a new setup wizard to help make this process easier.

Setting up your orgs correctly for CPQ deployments in conjunction with the Gearset external ID setup wizard

Before you're able to start deploying your CPQ configuration between environments, it's critical that you first get your CPQ config aligned in your environments.

You can achieve this by the full copy sandbox refresh approach. It's the cleanest and recommended way to make sure your full copy sandbox and production org CPQ configuration is perfectly in sync, have the same Gearset record IDs and enables the successful comparison and deployment of your CPQ configuration.

Comparing and deploying your CPQ configuration

Once your orgs have been aligned correctly and the Gearset external ID field exists, you're ready to start comparing and deploying your CPQ configuration - just like metadata! See our CPQ compare and deploy walkthrough for more information.

Want to start a free trial of Gearset for CPQ?

You can now start a free 14 day self serve trial of Gearset for CPQ!

To activate this go to manage custom filters in the metadata filter

Select the CPQ tab, then click on Start 14-day free trial.

What should I do if I get stuck with anything?

If you ever need support, just contact our live chat support by clicking the blue button in the bottom right in every Gearset screen.

A real human (no robots here) will get back to you very quickly! We typically reply in under 10 minutes.

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