Can I back up a formula field?

Data backup and why it's not possible to backup a calculated field.

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You may have noticed that within your data backup job, your formula fields aren't getting backed up. Even if the object that contains these fields is, along with all other fields that object contains. This is intended behaviour and this article aims to explain why.

The explanation:

Within Salesforce, these fields are "Read Only", which means that they are not creatable or updateable. The result of this would be that we could backup the value, but not restore it. As a general rule, Gearset doesn't backup any data that you cannot actually use/restore.

The solution:

As formula field values are automatically generated by the formula itself, restoring the formula itself and everything else that it relies on, should allow it to generate again. The steps are as follows:

1. Restore the objects metadata (which will include that formula field). Details on this step can be found here.

2. Restore that object's data (which will fill in all the other fields values, this will be needed if they are part of the formula calculation). Details on this step can be found here.

3. Once the formula field and the rest of the object's data are in place, that formula field should automatically generate the value again.

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