This problem analyzer warns users when they are attempting to deploy a new Custom Field, Layout or Custom Tab and have not included all of their respective permissions.

What triggers this problem analyzer?

For any new components selected in the comparison results table whose type is either Custom Field, Layout or Custom Tab, if Gearset detects that any Profile or Permission Set entries for those components have not also been selected, you’ll see a message from Gearset stating “New items found with permissions that are not included in the deployment”.

What problem is it solving?

When deploying a newly created component, sometimes users forget to deploy non-admin permissions alongside it. As a result, their users cannot see the new component or they see an error message. This problem analyzer warns users that they haven’t included all permissions for the new component in case they have made this mistake.

It won’t always be the case that the user is making a mistake, however. For example, they might only want to deploy a subset of permissions in the initial deployment. This would still trigger the problem analyzer. This is a good example of why this is a warning-only problem analyzer which does not attempt to fix the issue.

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