Note: This is a step-through of the demo shown as part of the "How to perfect your Salesforce data backup and recovery strategy" webinar (from 26-33 minutes) on Feb 25th 2021.


- A user has deleted an Account record, which has also deleted a related Opportunity

- Only the data changed, metadata remained the same

We have previously set up Smart alerts on our Gearset Data backup job. This will notify us when any Account records get deleted:

We notice that Account and Opportunity records have been removed:

From here we view the job's history

And View Details for the latest run:

We note there is a Deleted Opportunity, so click on that row, which shows us an Opportunity that should not have been deleted:

We click Configure restore... to start the restore process. We see the Account object will also be pulled in with the Opportunity:

You can see it will also Upsert any missing Account records:

We then deploy this to the org and wait for the process to complete:

If we look at Salesforce, we can see the Opportunity has been restored:

along with the Account:

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