Email alerts - retrieve and deploy

Guidance on how to retrieve and deploy Email alerts by using Workflow metadata type

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Some users struggle to find email alerts in their Gearset comparisons, as their Metadata API name differs from what's seen in the Salesforce UI. Read on to find out how to easily deploy this metadata type using Gearset!

What metadata type to select in the filter?

Email alerts are represented in the Metadata API as WorkflowAlert, which is a subcomponent of the Workflow metadata type.

In order to retrieve email alerts, include Workflow in your Gearset metadata filter.

Or you can use our Default comparison metadata filter, which already includes the Workflow metadata.

How do Email alerts look in the comparison results?

Once the comparison loads, you can then find email alerts under Workflow alert in your comparison results.
You can also click on Depends on to view the dependencies for each email alert.

Note that in this example, in order to see components the email alert Password_Reset_Custom_Alert depends on, we've added "Account" Custom object + Email template metadata types to the filter.

Preview in the Compare 2.0

The user interface of the comparison results may differ slightly if you're using Compare 2.0 to retrieve Email alerts, in which case the interface would look as below:

Where to find this change in the Salesforce org?

The Workflow alert retrieved in this example comparison is located in this Salesforce org under Process automation > Workflow Actions > Email Alerts.

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