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Integrating with GitHub Enterprise Server
Integrating with GitHub Enterprise Server

Deploy to and from your own GitHub instance

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Check if you have a GitHub Enterprise Server

The first thing to do is to verify if you have a GitHub Enterprise Server instance, described here on the GitHub documentation, as this document only applies to an GitHub Enterprise Server, and not a repo on hosted on

Initial application setup

If a member of your team has already set up a GitHub Enterprise Server connection, you can skip to the Gearset setup section of this article.

Depending on your corporate firewall settings, you may need to allowlist logins from Gearset’s static IPs. Next, you will need to create a new OAuth application for Gearset to be able to access your GitHub Enterprise Server instance, by following these steps:

  1. Log in to GitHub Enterprise Server

  2. Go to the Applications page in your organization’s settings. You may also need to navigate to Developer settings:

  3. Under OAuth Apps, click Register new application

  4. Enter the following:
    - Gearset as the Application name,

    - https://app.gearset.comas the Homepage URL and
    - as the Authorization callback URL.
    Then click Register application

Take note of the Client ID and the Client Secret.

Gearset setup

Now that you have your application Client ID and Client Secret, you can link Gearset with your GitHub Enterprise Server instance.

  1. Click + Connect to GitHub Enterprise Server

  2. Fill in the URL of your GitHub Enterprise Server instance (don’t forget HTTPS), the Client ID and Client Secret (from the earlier step)

  3. Press Connect. You will then go through the normal authentication flow from within GitHub Enterprise.

Once complete, you will be redirected back to Gearset and you should now be able to use GitHub Enterprise Server repositories as your source or target.

Anyone else in your team who wants to connect to GitHub Enterprise Server will need to follow the Gearset setup steps.

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