What is FastSpring? 

FastSpring is a leading e-commerce payments provider, based in the US. 

Why do we use FastSpring? 

Gearset is a UK company so we use BrightMarket LLC (dba FastSpring) to act as our global reseller. They take care of incorporating tax in each tax jurisdiction, preparing local documents like W-9s, and making your payment a smooth and secure experience regardless of where in the world you're purchasing from. 

Note: Payment by check is only available for US customers purchasing annual subscriptions. If you’d like to opt for a monthly subscription or you’re based outside of the US, you can find information about credit card payments and wire transfer payments on our website. 

Step-by-step guide to paying by check 

  1. We’ll send you a quote with the number and tier of licenses you need. Each end user of Gearset will need their own license, as per our licensing model. You can also check out our pricing tiers page for more information about the features of Pro and Enterprise licenses. 

  2. Once you’ve confirmed that the quote has been approved, we can provide you with an order form.

  3. Click on the Pay by check link to generate the final invoice with remittance information and tax included. 

   4. Fill in your contact information. 

   5. Select check as the payment method and hit next.

Note: You aren’t making a payment at this stage. You’re simply providing FastSpring with the information needed to apply the correct tax to your order based on your location.

  6.  Once you're happy, check 'I agree with the terms of service and privacy policy' to         complete your order.

  7. The final invoice is generated and FastSpring's address is provided (highlighted           below). Print the invoice and include in the mail along with the check so                        FastSpring can link the payment to your invoice. 

8. Once FastSpring have received your check in the mail, allow 3-5 working days              for payment processing. Once processed, you’ll receive a confirmation email and          your subscription will be assigned to your existing Gearset team.  

Need further help? 

You can reach out to [email protected] and we'll be happy to answer any further questions you have.  

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