Having your time zone set correctly in Gearset is important as it is used in multiple places:

  • By automated jobs (e.g. change monitoring) to set when they run
  • In your deployment history to show when actions were performed

Your time zone is set automatically (where possible)
When you first create your Gearset account, the app will attempt to determine your time zone and set it for you.

However, sometimes we're unable to do this and you may need to set the correct time manually. If Gearset is unable to determine your time zone, it will default to GMT.

Setting your time zone manually

You can change your account's time zone setting from the account management page in the app, under the Notifications section:

Note that time zones are set per user, so it's possible for everyone in a team to have their own zones set up. If you want to co-ordinate this across your team, you should check that everyone is set to the same time zone.

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