As part of Gearset's compliance with the regulations set out by GDPR, we updated our Data Processing Addendum.

What is a DPA?

A Data Processing Addendum (DPA) lays out the nature, duration, type, and scope of Personal Data processed by Gearset on behalf of our customers. It also provides certain guarantees over data security and protection, the rights of data subjects, and data deletion.

Want to know more about Personal Data? The UK Information Commissioner's Office has a good guidance page here

Do I need a DPA with Gearset?

If you use Gearset to process Personal Data, you may need to sign a DPA with us. The most common example of this is if you're using Gearset's data loader or data backup features.

If you're only using Gearset's metadata features you most likely do not need a DPA, as metadata does not generally contain Personal Data.

How can I sign a DPA with Gearset?

Our DPA is available for customers to sign upon request. Please contact us for more information, or if you have any questions.

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