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Gearset compare 2.0 (Pilot)
Gearset compare 2.0: Enabling the pilot
Gearset compare 2.0: Enabling the pilot
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You can enable the new comparison feature without interfering or impacting Gearset's existing comparison capabilities. The two approaches are completely independent. There's no downside to enabling the pilot - you can switch it on and choose not to use the extra comparison option when picking your source and target.

Enabling and using the new comparison pilot

It's easy to enable the pilot. Simply:

To use the new comparison approach, simply:

  • Go to the compare and deploy page ( to pick your source and target

  • You'll see a new Compare Now 2.0 (Pilot) comparison button. Simply use it after choosing your source and target to use the new comparison feature.

Reminder: The first time an org's metadata is retrieved will take a little longer in order to establish the baseline snapshot of a metadata type(s). Subsequent comparisons will then use the cached version for significantly faster comparisons.

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