Gearset's default sandbox seeding CPQ template
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ANNOUNCEMENT: This article describes how to deploy CPQ with our sandbox seeding add-on. Our new Gearset for CPQ deployment solution is now our recommended product for deploying all of your CPQ configuration. See our Gearset for CPQ documentation for more information.

Why have we created this template?

Gearset's data deployment templates let you save and re-use the configuration from a data deployment. This saves you time when setting up a new data deployment and gives you confidence that the same data configuration is used every time.

We have recently introduced the Gearset defined CPQ template to the app. This was created in July 2021, and is able to effectively move across the core elements of the CPQ object model.

The template contains a few core components, like product rules, pricebooks, summary variables, and quotes. Each of these components is made up of a group of records - for example, a product rule uses error conditions, products, quote lines, and summary variables.

We have written some helpful documentation to explain how to select these groups of components to specify which parts of your CPQ data you are deploying

We've even documented some edge cases and made sure that our users can make informed, specific choices about how their configuration is deployed.

The Gearset defined template is much broader than the ones described in the above documentation and is intended to be used for the mass movement of CPQ data.

Where to find it?

You can find the CPQ template under the Gearset defined templates list.

What does it cover?

This does not cover the full scope of the CPQ object model, but what it does cover are some of the core components CPQ. You can edit and save versions of the template under a unique name if you decide to expand the scope of the selection further.

Discount Tiers

Discount Schedules




Product Options

Option Constraints

Block Prices

Configuration Attributes



Summary Variable (Source variable)

Product Rules

Error Conditions

Configuration Rules

Product Actions

Price Rules

Lookup Query

Price Conditions

Price Actions

Quote Processes

Process Inputs

Solution groups

Custom Actions

Search Filters

Custom Action Conditions

Quote Terms

Template Content

Quote Templates

Template Sections

Line Columns

Quote Terms

Term Conditions

Any feedback?

We would like to develop our templates further and produce more default templates for the app. Please let us know what your experiences are, and what additional templates would be helpful to you. You can reach out to us directly to do this.

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